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We all know there’s nothing quite like being out in the open air. Whether it’s a ride at the weekend, a run on a crisp winter's evening, a better way to get to work than standing on a packed commuter train, or simply as way to get outside and enjoy the parks and countryside close to you.

However it’s a frightening thought that in 2012 over 195,000 road casualties were reported to the police with  19,091 cyclists either killed (118) or injured (18,973) on the UK’s roads in 2012, and despite that fact, many chose to take their chances and ride or run in the dark, not a light or hi-vis vest in sight.

You can probably understand why some riders and runners may not want to wear clothing that might be more appropriate on a building site or by the emergency services, so here at ACS we have taken a different approach to the problem, combining the latest safety ideas along with a sense of design, style and practicality.

To much technical acclaim from the cycling and running industries, ACS released its first generation of LED safety belts. Utilising an Illuminon LED strip, combined with hard wearing, ballistic nylon, ACS’s Lifebelt, this unique product is the ultimate in safety wear for cyclists and runners traveling in low light.

Traditional lights only point in one direction, reducing their effectiveness for side impact vision. The Lifebelt belt radiates a 360° glow, ensuring you stand out to all around you, wherever they are on the road.

Others have seen the success of the Lifebelts and have produced their own, often inferior, logo covered copies. When you buy a Lifebelt you can be assured that you are buying the original and the best. We believe in customer safety and satisfaction and as such our products are built to last with a full no hassle, money back guarantee.

Please note that you can pay for your Lifebelt with any credit or debit card, with the secure Paypal Express option at checkout, even if you don't have a Paypal account. Alternatively you can simply call and place your order

We offer a full pre and post sales service and guarantee. Just give us a call on
07920 532752 or email auracyclesystems@gmail.com if you have any questions, queries or feedback.




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